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The Prism of Rennes


"The Prism of Rennes" by Roibeard McElroy, comprises the most fascinating compendium of experiences and insights ever published about Rennes-le-Château and its nearby villages and beauty spots.  It is poetic, lyrical, mystical and literary; a book you will take with you everywhere and dip into time after time.  Use it simply as a guide book, or use it for meditation, or anything in between.  It is lightly and delicately told but passionate, deeply felt.  This is great writing and we are proud to be involved in the publication process.  "The Prism of Rennes" has its own page on Facebook.

   It is a book to have at your bedside or with you on holiday in our region.  The author's short accounts of places, linked to poetry and songs, are all independent of each other, but magically, the book would not be complete without a single one of them.  It's a book full of magic and symbolism from many cultures.  One gets to know the man and his poetic outlook on life; we go on to the next chapter wondering what he has in store for us next.  Roibeard has what editors call “a voice”, his writing is un-selfconscious and honest.  

    His book is unusual, brilliant, quite mystical; his new eyes looking at our region communicate their visions to us.

  Roibeard himself adds;  I am an Irish man with a wide range of interests. I'm a writer of prose, articles and stories and in particular a poet from the old school! My book on Rennes is unique, as it's a literary and artistic synopsis. It contains a code so needs to be read on two levels. It is also part travelogue and was devised in the sense of bard, minstrel, troubadour, philosopher woven into one, wandering around a mystical area and mystery which sprinkles its prism-like effect at every turn!
   The book was published 1st September 2012 in both Ireland and France and went into a second edition, but as it sold more in Ireland than France we handed all the material to Rob when we sold the last copy in July 2016.

See more about Roibeard by clicking here.

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