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Looking for Mary M

Val's first Mary Magdalene book, published in 2011 and still a favourite!

   Mary M and Jesus fell in love against a dramatic background of violence and insurgence in Judea, then, with the help of their Roman friends, they were smuggled out of Galilee to arrive safely in the Narbonne region of France.  The story is based on history and little known parts of the Bible itself; you may find some parts disturbing and controversial.  

  The book is also a research kit, with pages for your personal findings and experiences.

  Ideal handbag size, the spiral binding allows it to open flat.  One can quickly make notes, over a cup of coffee, over lunch, in the car, on the train or plane.  There's a pocket for small brochures, photographs, business cards and picture postcards.
    Mary Magdalene was an historical figure who played such a leading role in early Christianity.   Since the discovery of alternative gospels, and archeological research in the Holy Land, we have a very clear picture of the life of Jesus, his disciples, and his dearest friends in Bethany - Mary Magdalene, Martha and Lazarus.
 The book ends with the discussion; "Was Mary Magdalene the Eternal Goddess?" and tells us the secret messages that Berenger Sauniere left for us in his church.
A peep inside



I started reading the Kit on Saturday night. Fascinating. I was compelled to read excerpts of the story of Pantera aloud to my husband. We'd never heard of him.  I am also intrigued by the relationships of the disciples.
Val Wineyard is an excellent writer and every word is honest and spot on.   Suzanne, New Jersey, USA
It is a beauty.  A very special book.  What is written here is great stuff. A wonderful book, based on good, solid research.  And on true empathy.  Val Wineyard has an amazing feeling for what people would have thought and said and done in those years and in those particular circumstances.  She also has a lovely dry sense of humour.  Some of the information in it is mind boggling.  A priceless book for all who love Mary Magdalene.  Jaap Rameijer, Rennes-le-Chateau. 
Val Wineyard looks with new eyes at the life of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, as portrayed in the four gospels of the New Testament, arriving at some unique conclusions about their lives.  She provides useful information and photographs on sites in the Languedoc known to be linked with Mary Magdalene. She checked out the ancient Roman routes and this will most helpful to those looking for the various places linked with Mary.  Val's careful research means her book calls for a closer look.  Catherine-Mary La Toure 
Interesting read
, well researched, thought provoking.  Anneke Foremans (above)

I found it interesting and am impressed by the amount of Bible study Val Wineyard has done. There is a lot of Christian truth in this book. David Allner, Cazedarnes, Herault  
I'm deeply involved in this book and can't put it down.  I was brought up an atheist, but that was in opposition to the standard Christianity of the time.  I had never heard of Gnosticism, never heard of Alternative Gospels!  Val Wineyard opened up a whole new world.  I remember that everybody represented Jesus as WHITE when all the time he and everybody else could have been BLACK!  Sue Wardel, Eastbourne
Just finished my second reading.  Its a super read.  Every chapter led on to the next chapter - I couldn't put it down until I reached the conclusions.  A good history.  David Warr, Warrington

We are so pleased with your latest book, it is selling really well, especially in Rennes-les-Bains where Val says Mary Magdalene lived.  Philippe Marlin, Atelier Empreinte  


I have read it from cover to cover, it is now my Bible!  Stephen Gomes, Maastrict


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PS from Val.  Much more about Mary Magdalene on her site here.

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