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The Mayor That was Me

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  How would you feel if a psychic person suddenly announced who you were in a previous life and actually mentioned a name?

  Val Wineyard thought the psychic lady was crazy.

  But after a few days she decided that it would do no harm to find out more about the named person, would it?  She investigated his family which led her to some surprising conclusions.  She discovered that several of her previous life's ancestors had played leading roles in such events as the siege of the Cathar castle Montségur in the Middle Ages, while another of his ancestors had made a decisive vote which led to the death of the king during the Revolution. 

  Then there were coincidences.  Her previous life had been a member of a local scientific association that Val herself had joined a year before she heard about him, and he was a Radical Socialist; she calls herself a rabid socialist.  Their politics and manner of thinking were very similar.

  How would you feel if you solved the mystery of a bad dream that had haunted you for years?  How would you feel if you visited a castle and were enraptured by it, to find out ten years later that an ancestor of your previous life had lived there?

Usson1990.jpg  Usson castle.  David Warr, our English contact, owns land there  . . . click here.

  Connections, connections . . . Val says herself there is no proof of reincarnation, but as she found coincidence after coincidence piling up, links and connections solidifying, she was tempted to believe; and in the end found her own sort of unconventional "proof."

  She also found that her previous life was a poet and a writer like herself; indeed, he was a well-known Occitan poet.  The interest in this not-so-old language of Languedoc is increasing steadily in the region; the old manuscripts, and the music, are both moving and original.  It was the language spoken by the Cathars and sung by the troubadours.  The whole culture of those times is explored in the book.

IMG_0026.JPG   Occitan poetry

 This picture was taken at a recent exhibition that Val went to when a film about the Occitan language and culture was shown.  Afterwards she said to the lecturer;  "What a pity the film isn't available." 

  "Oh but it is," he said.  He clicked a button on his computer, took the film out of its tray and gave it to her.  (Click here to see the film that enraptured her.)

  Val loves the Occitan people and that's why this book is so inexpensive; she wants to share the poetry and music of the ancient culture of love in Languedoc with English-speaking people.  You will find the book so rich with details of Languedocian history generally hidden or little-known.

   "The Mayor That Was Me" has it's own blog with many articles about reincarnation, Occitan lifestyle and the Cathars.   Click here to see it. 


Gino Oliviero, Naples.  I really like the book and I love your using of your personal story to describe past and modern Occitania.  Great idea.  It's a wonderful and fascinating book.

Paul Wylie, Ireland.  Looking for something really interesting to read?  Buy Val Wineyard's  'The Mayor That Was Me' - You won't be disappointed!  P.S.  I've read it four times!

Luke Owen, Artist  Val, I want to read this book. 

Giles Denmark, South France  Good for you Val. Your writing has no bounds!  Keep up the good work! 

Martin Parker, Bedford.  You have captured the essence of French family life, generation after generation.  Congratulations.

Andrew Lownie, Literary Agent  Many thanks for your book which awaited my return from holiday. As always, production very good and looking forward to reading it.  Lucky you, living in France.

Mary-Jean Wood  I thought the book was very good, but then, your books always are!   

Kris Darquis, Paris   I just finished your book. Your spiritual journey is really moving. You have been so fortunate to be led by an "invisible hand" to this lady who indicated his grave.

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