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Mary Magdalene's Sacred Journey

The Sacred Journey  covers a part of Mary Magdalene's life that has never been published before.  In the local bookshops around Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains, it sold out three times in 2013 (the shops demanded more) and extra copies were ordered for 2014.  By August these had gone and another rapid print-run was undertaken and we may have to do another one before the end of 2015!  This book is indeed our "Bestseller." 

  "I was so surprised," said Val.  "I intended it to be just a route but in fact it's quite a mystic book."  The spiritual community loved it (and many have followed the route using the book) and the bookshops loved it.  "It sold well because it is original," one told us.  "There is no other book like it."   Journey2.JPG

  After the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus in the Bible, Mary Magdalene was never mentioned again.  What had happened to her? Val's historical research and personal belief conspired to persuade her that Mary Magdalene and Jesus both fled Judea to southern France.  She found out where they landed on the Mediterranean coast of Languedoc; this place did not seem accidental to Val, for it was the place on the coast the smallest distance from Rennes-les-Bains.  They were not blown off-course in their poor little boat without sails, as so many of the Medieval Christian legends say, but they had being given directions and intended to follow them to cross the Corbières.

  Val investigated this exact route that Mary and Jesus took across the mountains, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Roman town of Aquae Calidae, today's Rennes-les-Bains, where they lived for a while.

  No-one was more surprised than Val was by the unknown stories of the villages and landmarks along the route - mystic mountains, underground rivers, country churches, Cathar castles, Celtic holy wells.  They all had their secrets to tell.


Vingrau . . . . Tuchan . . . . Cubières .  . . . Bugarach . . . . Rennes-les-Bains

  This is a most unusual guide-book.  It is a story about a route, which did not always follow today's roads.  Val has studied Roman history, for all the events in the Mary and Jesus story took place in the Roman Empire.  And she discovered two new Roman roads and walked along others.  (You can see this route from Fitou to Rennes-les-Bains by clicking here.)  The book includes full map directions and the spiral binding allows it to open flat on the car dash.

  There's much more here than meets the eye.  Underneath its attractive cover the book is seething with churches, legends, goddesses, saints, and the sheer magic of the Corbières.

  Here's some pictures from inside;



   The price is 15€50 in the shops - it's slightly cheaper directly from us, and the prices include postage.

  Readers' comments

Many thanks for book, just arrived and looks interesting. Look forward to reading. Great pictures.  Andrew Lownie of Andrew Lownie Agency 

  You have written a good story.  Roibeard McElroy, Ireland

  Thank you so much Val for your work, curiosity and down to earth way of sharing your knowledge and experiences .. I cannot wait to read more of your books... I have just follow your instructions on following the old roman way from Fitou to Rennes les Bains... In a car...but even though a breath taking experience. My first visit.. but certainly not the last. I already read your 2 books I bought there... The sacred journey and Looking for Mary Magdalena... Wonderful and interesting readings.. I cannot wait to go back in spring.  Oline Pedersen, Denmark.

Most unusual.  The simple exploration of a route opens whole new questions about the basis of Christianity.  Patrick Thompson, St. Albans

  I sure enjoyed you taking special time to meet me and share a few secret places with me.  Lucinda, California.

  The greatest thing for me is that you begin it with the little town Sainte Marie la Mer which is located nearby Canet-Roussillon. I have been to that town already, so my mind map opens up with your book.  Arthur James Emmans, Germany

   I'm coming to France next week and really looking forward to travelling the road that Mary took.  Anne.

  We followed the itinerary in the book you wrote.   We had a good look at the Magdalene hill, the ancient harbour part in Cabanes, Perillos, le chateau, we had a picnic next to the Roman road in Vingrau, Bugarach, and of course finally Rennes les Bains, where we looked at Le Benitier and the beautiful Fontaine des Amours.  We could imagine the story taking place here;  it is exciting to know there are so many local legends mentioning the history of MM and Jesus.  Alexandra Sitch, Holland 

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