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  Claudia Procula was a Roman princess, the granddaughter of the Roman Emperor Augustus, and the wife of Pontius Pilate, the man who ordered Jesus Christ to be crucified. She played a far bigger role in the Bible story than has ever been suspected. 
  Throughout the history of Christendom, Pontius Pilate has been despised.  When the Church became Roman, it was said the Jews drove Pilate to crucify Jesus and it was all the fault of the Jews that Jesus was hurt.  This led to the prejudice against the Jews that exists to this day.  And the Easter Church later made Pontius Pilate a saint.
 In Europe, especially Spain, statues of Claudia play a large part in Easter processions.

Val discovered that Claudia Procula was a friend of Mary Magdalene, and probably visited the disciples at their base at Capernaum.  She was the most highly placed Roman woman in the region and as such, would have had a freedom that her Jewish sisters would not.

  She helped to save Jesus' life by arranging for both of them to escape to Languedoc, where Claudia had been brought up, in today's town of Narbonne.  This was just a day's journey from Rennes-les-Bains where the Roman aristocracy went to take the waters.  Claudia who knew it well arranged somewhere for the couple to live.  Val has even visited, many times over several years, the domain where Mary and Jesus lived wo thousand years ago while he recovered his health and strength.
   This book is not a novel.  The story is not dramatised or romanticised.  Claudia Procula is the "king-pin" of the proof that Mary Magdalene and Jesus came to the Corbières. 



   In this 1910 picture you can see her grief.  The ladies on the left are Claudia Procula and her maid.



I bought Claudia Procula´s book at Rennes le Chateau and it is so fantastic that I am recommending it to all my friends. Congratulations!  Sylvia Marques de Azevedo, Brazil

 It seems like Roman history comes alive for you.  I felt that sense when reading your book on Claudia.  You have probably walked where she walked.  How cool is that?  Gloria Amendola, USA

I love your writing style!  The whole thing flows well.  Paul Wylie, Ireland.

Fascinating, I couldn't put it down.  Rugby-lover Ovalie, Durban-Corbières


The print book was first published in April 2014

The book proved popular and so this second edition, with new information, is now in print from January 2019!

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