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Kris Darquis

Kris is writing more and more!  Here she is on the 17th January 2016. (Pour nos amis français, cliquez le bouton pour votre langue.)

  Her book about the Tarot and the Templars and the connection with Rennes-le-Château was launched on the day of Sainte Roseline!

  In March 2016 her co-author made a film for the book -  click here to see it.

  Kris Darquis and Val first met at a book sale in Rennes-le-Château and then seriously met to discuss translation possibilities in November 2013.  They decided to start with "Claudia Procula."  It was published in April 2014 has since become a great success with orders from all around the world and Kris has become a stalwart co-author with many new ideas and suggestions.  Her approach to "Bob vous dit la verité", a popular French radio station, led to the company coming to Rennes-le-Château for two days of conferences and broadcasts.  

CPfrancais.jpg  Author and French author on the bridge at Serres near Rennes-les-Bains

  Kris has long been interested in Rennes-le-Château and its mysteries and stays there regularly (her home is in Provence) investigating the mysteries of the region, especially the Templars.  She wants to come and live in our region one day.  Kris is professional in her approach and has many ideas which she discusses vigorously with other researchers.  

  The Claudia book was launched in the Jardin de Marie restaurant in Rennes-le-Château and has sold out several times in the local bookshops since then.  She was so thrilled - her first book published.

   Brilliant reviews were posted on various French web-sites.  One said the wife of Pontius Pilate is in fashion, having been born at Narbonne. 

   Narbonne, the main town of the Aude department is not far from Rennes-le-Chateau and has always been linked historically with Rennes-les-Bains.  In Roman times, if you lived at Narbonne where there were no public baths, and you went to the baths at Rennes-les-Bains.   Kris also checked the story of Pontius Pilate, which interests many French people; it could quite easily be true that he became a friend of Jesus and both Val and Kris are sure that Claudia Procula did.

  Now the book has sold out so well in the French version that we are publishing a special souvenir edition this April 2016 with a launch at Rennes-le-Château! 

Kris is a friendly soul with a great enthusiasm for her subject, she does not stop researching for a minute, and knows everybody in Rennes-le-Château country.   She loves eating out and unusual places, but her chatty, social character hides great depths.  "There are two poles to the mystery," she told Val, "The material treasure that exists at Rennes-le-Château and the spiritual treasure that exists at Rennes-les-Bains."

  She also loves the Templars in our region and kindly took Val to see the Templar Perceptory at Campagne-sur-Aude, and the Templar church at Serres - see many more pictures of this fascinating church by clicking here

IMG_0095.JPG  RoofCross2.JPG
   Kris is also the co-author of a book in French about the Templars and the Tarot, published in November 2015.  It is the result of five years work writing and then liaising with the publishers to make it perfect.

 TemplarBookCover.jpg  TemplarBookBackCov.jpg 

  It is available in all good bookshops, especially in the region of Razès, as Rennes-le-Château country is known, and directly from the publishers.  Maybe I will translate it one day!  the opening lines say;  "We have discovered that this emblematic game was probably conceived in the Middle ages by the Templars in communion with the Hospitaliers.  In the symbolism is hidden the whereabouts of a hidden treasure near Rennes-le-Château destined to reveal objects and/or treasure from the ruins of Jerusalem.  That could hide information about the Arch of Alliance and the lives of Mary Magdalene and Jesus."

  The book is available from
  Kris has recently been to the Salon du Livre de Paris to promote l'Arc de Roseline and she had a wonderful time.  She is having such a great time I think she will leave us soon . . .

SalonduLivrede ParisBéatricePannier.jpg
  Meanwhile, Claudia Procula, Epouse de Ponce Pilate, Amie de Marie Madeleine, is available from  - click here - or directly from us here of course.

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