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  Val Wineyard Publishing  was founded in July 2012, based near Narbonne in the south of France.   We specialise in books about this region, alternative history about Languedoc and the Mediterranean, but are interested in anything that has an air of passion.  Fiction is possible;  we have just published "Steve - this is my garden!", a light-hearted adventure about living in France.  Val's books specialise in Rennes-le-Château and its associated mysteries, including Mary Magdalene, but we would like to see other books of wider interest.  Travel?  Speculative history?  Spirituality?  Writers will be pleased to hear we are looking for more titles.  

    We welcome feedback from readers and writers.  You can leave comments in the boxes at the end of articles.  If you would like to receive our newsletters, leave your e-mail address on the right under "inscrire."

  Val Wineyard has worked throughout her life as a writer, beginning by writing poetry and stories as a girl. A freelance career in journalism and magazine editorial followed and visiting France for travel magazines led to a love of the south of France that has never died. Val moved permanently to the Narbonne region in 2000, having had holidays in a maison secondaire for five years before that.  She publishes her own books and promotes them on various websites; Mary Magdalene, the Two Rennes (Rennes-le-Château and Rennes-les-Bains), the Visigoths, and the Roman history of the region.  Her personal story, The Mayor That Was Me, has its own web-site.  Click the links for further details.  She's also recently tried her hand at fiction;  click here.


Val belittled by a pentacle

   Many have asked Val for help with their book projects. Some needed layout and book design services, while others asked for advice about the printing process. Two of these writers have since published and have credited Val in their subsequent publicity.  These are Jaap Rameijer with his "Beauty and Message of Orbs," and Sarah Elizabeth Edwards in her "East, West, Med's Best!"  We underwrote completely "The Prism of Rennes" which then did well enough for Roibeard McElroy to republish himself in his native Ireland.   And recently we acted as consultants for Cindy le Sauvage Guilbert.

  You can contact Val directly on this e-mail address;


David Warr met Val in France when she was researching; at the time David had a second home at Quillan and had just bought a courtyard at the foot of the now famous Cathar castle of Usson.  He followed Val's writing ventures for many years and so was delighted to offer his services as Val's UK distributor.  He deals with readers' orders by post and with orders from English bookshops, back in dear old Blighty.

  Payment details by Paypal are with each of our books, as well as links to buy via Amazon, but if you would like to buy your books by mail order, paying by English cheque, then David's your man!   Click here for further details

  Meanwhile, David's passion is sailing in Greece.  (He wants to sell his land in Ariège - click here to see it.)   

  You can contact David directly by using this e-mail address;

Luigi Oliviero

Luigi is a man of many talents and is currently expanding the film-making part of his career; have a look at the film he made for us here.  His university training in Italy (he speaks English) was the study of Romance languages and has been incredibly helpful to us as a research consultant, finding many little-known documents for us to add solid facts to books and Val's articles on, for example, Facebook, as well as her other sites.  As we wrote in the "Usson, Pyrenean Castle" book;  Luigi Oliviero translated and explained the relevant parts of various medieval documents.  You can read more about Luigi by clicking here.    And you can see the Usson book by clicking here!

Beth Johnson

Beth 1 (1).jpg  
 Beth Johnson wrote to us, tactfully pointing out, “I do proofreading and sub-editing and I have noticed some errors in your blog. I wondered if you would like me to let you know, or whether you would just like me to go away and not interfere! I'm very picky with language once I get going.”
    Someone "picky about language" is exactly what we need!  We asked Beth if she would like to join our team, both for Val's books and for any manuscripts from writers who need editorial help.
     Beth, who once worked for Jonathan Cape, is the sub-editor of the on-line magazine, Heretic Magazine.  (Click here to see it.)  She has edited the articles since it began, and also edits those of the founder, Andrew Gough, whom she first met in 2008 through his Arcadia website.  She is experienced in Word and has studied Linguistics, French and German; useful when writing about foreign people and places.  Beth became interested in the story of Rennes-le-Château in the 1970s and has since travelled to the Languedoc many times with her family.

   Beth says,  "I do copy-editing and proof-reading, as defined by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders website:  A copy-editor makes sure that an author's raw text, or copy, is correct in terms of spelling and grammar and is easy to read so that readers can grasp his or her ideas.  A copy-editor also tries to prevent embarrassing errors of fact, alerts the publisher to any possible legal problems and ensures that the typesetter can do a good job."

  In her spare time she likes to read, visit historic sites, take photos, and sit in the sun with a glass of wine and some good food.  "That's why I like the Languedoc," she says.

  Contact Beth directly to discuss your manuscript on

Kris Darquis


 Kris is our French translator, her native tongue, and also speaks English, Italian and Spanish.  We are lucky living in the Languedoc in that we can have our business meetings (as above) in delightful surroundings.  If you publish with us, there is every possibility of translation into French, if Kris thinks the book would suit the French reader.  She was absolutely right about our Claudia Procula book;  the French version has sold many more copies that the English one.  Read more about Kris here.  You can contact her directly at this address;


Our printer


We don't know, before you ask, why Sébastien called his business Caiiman!  It means crocodile.  He has been our printer for several years and is always pleased to discuss a project and suggest printing and presentation ideas to suit an author's ideas and budget.  He speaks a little English and has other English customers, one of whom has written about the Montagne d'Alaric on the way to Carcassonne.  Sébastien specialises in local business needs and does promotional material such as travel brochures, posters and business cards.  A most useful man to know!  Telephone first on 04 68 42 26 84 and then go to see him at the Château Grand Moulin, 6 Boulevard Maréchal Galliéni, on the RN 113 at Lézignan-Corbières.  Or e-mail

  Interested in joining us?  We are looking for more people in the following fields;

1.  Book design and/or web design. If you feel your design or illustration services could be useful, please contact us through the "Contacter Auteur" box at the foot of the page.

2.  Publicity and promotion.  Can you help Val sell books or make a film for YouTube?  Send an e-mail to;

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