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The definitive history of the Jerusalem Treasure at Rennes-le-Château

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To celebrate the centenary of this fascinating man here is the story of his life.   Click here.   The Sacred Journey is our best seller, pictured by Luigi Oliviero in Italy.  See more here.


The Goddess in plain sight   click here                                             The aristocrats at the château of Rennes-le-Château  click here  
Everything about RlesBains Click here            The Priest and Mary M.  See more
          Handbook, biography of Mary.  See more.                                A secret for every day  See more 
First e-book fiction.  Click here.           Claudia Procula en français  Cliquez 
        click here for Usson                                and click here for Rennes-le-Château! 

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The English version of Claudia Procula - click here.                       Val's previous life in France and the most reviewed book on our list.  Click here.
Our titles are available by mail order through this site.  They are of course, in the bookshop at Rennes-le-Château.

  Val Wineyard Publishing was founded in July 2012, in the Languedoc region of southern France.  The editorial office is not far from the famous Rennes-le-Château. We specialise in books about this region, alternative history about Languedoc and the Mediterranean, but we are interested in anything that has an air of passion.  If you've got something to say, say it!

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  Writers will be pleased to hear we are actively looking for more titles, both as e-books and print-books, and more authors.  Val's own books specialise in Languedoc and its associated mysteries, including Rennes-le-Château, but we would like to see other books of wider interest.  Travel?  Speculative history?  Spirituality?  let us know your ideas.

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