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Val Wineyard Publishing

Ordering by POST

We are delighted to offer readers the service of buying a book in the old conventional way by post and cheque.

1.  In France with a French cheque in Euros.

Make your cheque in Euros payable to Val Wineyard and send to Val Wineyard, 4 place de l'Eglise, 11200 Canet d'Aude.  Don't forget to include the name of the book and your own name and delivery address.

  You can also call in, which means you save the postage costs.  But please ring first, as the books are stored in a separate building than our office.  Ring 04 68 75 43 68.

2.  In England with a cheque in English pounds sterling.

Readers who wish to buy their books with an English cheque are welcome to do so via our distributor David Warr.  Look at the Paypal button to determine the price (which includes postage), and then send your cheque (made out to David Warr) the name of the book, and your own name and address to;

David Warr, 22 Towers Court, Warrington WA5 0AH, England.

  Your order will be posted the next working day and you should receive it within the week.

3.  In the States  - sorry no can do!  You'll have to buy a cheque in Euros or pounds from your bank or a friend, and proceed accordingly as above.

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